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The Leading Private Security Company in New Orleans and the River Region


We’ve been providing security and investigative services since 1930. New Orleans Private Patrol Service, Inc., our protective services division in the New Orleans area, and Gurvich Detective Agency, our investigative division, are among the oldest agencies of their kind anywhere in the world.

Reliability & Response

With hundreds of field officers, NOPP has the largest and most experienced security staff in metropolitan New Orleans and south Louisiana. We’ve recently created Republic Protection Group to provide our customers with the latest security consulting, systems design, and security technology available in the industry.


Hiring & Training

NOPP only hires about one in every thirty applicants. Before we hire someone to protect our customers, a thorough background check has to be completed. At least three independent criminal history checks are made through different public law enforcement agencies, and any job offer is contingent upon the applicant’s passing a physical exam and the most comprehensive drug screen in the industry.


Management & Supervision

Supervision is your assurance of quality performance. Our full service around the clock dispatch office and multi-modality communication systems are expensive to operate, but we know that for maximum effectiveness, our officers need to be in touch with our dispatchers and supervisors at least once an hour, day and night.

Security & Investigative Services Since 1930

Commitment to Quality

Security is a very competitive business and we know there are many security companies to choose from. However, our customers continue to choose NOPP for a reason. Our average customer has been with us over fourteen years, and several have been with us since the 1930's!

When our founder, S.C. Gurvich, retired from the FBI in 1930, there wasn't much doubt about the kind of service NOPP was committed to provide. That's why for over eighty-seven years we've prospered through the Depression and every boom and bust cycle since, World War II, and Hurricanes Betsy, Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Ike and Isaac. Because quality is so important.

The Full Service Security Company

In today’s world, security is a complicated matter. Sooner or later you’re going to need more than just a guard, and we’ll be ready when you need us. We’ve developed a wide variety of services available to our customers on short notice:

  • Security training seminars
  • Loss prevention training
  • Emergency & strike security
  • Document & data protection
  • Special events surge capability
  • Electronic countermeasures
  • Commercial & residential motorized patrol
  • Systems design & consulting
  • Homeland Security & Maritime Transportation Security regulatory compliance liaison
  • Armed & unarmed security officers 
  • Access controls
  • Perimeter barriers
  • CCTV surveillance systems
  • Plainclothes & undercover investigations
  • Security surveys
  • Executive & VIP protection
  • Shoplifting detectives & retail security
  • Polygraph services

Investigative & Loss Prevention Services

Gurvich Detective Agency, our in-house investigative and loss prevention division, has been around just as long as NOPP. Staffed by former claims adjusters, FBI, NOPD, JPSO and district attorney personnel, these services are available to our customers who may require extensive investigations, surveillance, or background checks. Gurvich Detective Agency has developed and maintained through the decades an excellent relationship with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. We’re recognized around the world for our successful investigative efforts, but our experts are also involved in loss prevention and risk management at marine terminals, warehouses, railroads, airlines, trucking companies, and a host of other businesses.

Why Contract Security ?

The Economics & The Risks

If you think that in-house security is a bargain, then consider the hidden costs– supervision and management time, liability exposure, and the opportunity cost of dealing with security matters when you could be doing something else. These may not be costs that you can easily figure into the bottom line, but you can bet they’re there. By using NOPP, you’ve made your budgeting a lot easier, because in addition to the hidden costs, you won’t have to worry about overtime, personnel replacement, fringe benefits, equipment, uniforms, training and certification. A set hourly rate is something that will make your comptroller a lot more comfortable.

Sure, we know there are some contract security companies that give the industry a bad name, but there is a difference between companies. Very few of our competitors have managed to survive for over eighty-seven years in the intensely competitive security industry. We’ll provide you with a regular team of experienced professionals that you can rely on, with no surprises at the end of the fiscal year!


Local or National - The Home Team Advantage

National companies like to pitch their “national account” service, and it’s true they may have thousands of employees working all over the country. But you’re concerned about what happens right here at your facility. You may be surprised to learn that NOPP has a far larger local staff than any of our national competitors. Why should you have to deal with an assistant branch manager who knows less about security than you do? And why should you have so much trouble keeping a staff and getting good replacements?

Because we’re the home team, all of our senior corporate officers, managers, detectives, and experts are already familiar with your facility and are just minutes away in case of an emergency. We know the local labor situation better than anyone–we’ve got to because this is our home market! Every one of our senior corporate officers, managers, supervisors, detectives, and security officers lives and works in the community, so 100% of your security dollars stay in the local economy. And don’t forget, when you need our dispatch or supervisory staff after hours, you won’t have to call long distance or dial a pager to get assistance.



We realize our customers are concerned about liability issues. Our insurance is underwritten by U.S. based carriers and features high limits with the broadest form coverages available, including first and third party bonds; errors & omissions; assault and battery; care custody and control; lost key; employer's practices; etc. We feature general liability and fleet auto limits of $11M.



If you need security in Louisiana or the Gulf Coast, doesn't it make sense to use the home team advantage? We're the security company with the largest local field and supervisory staff, the most knowledge of the area, and an unsurpassed reputation for integrity.


Hiring & Training

Once hired, a new security officer isn’t left to fend for himself. There’s a lot to be learned, and to avoid any conflict of interest we let an independent training agency handle the basics. Every one of our security officers has been individually certified and tested on the required classroom subjects and firing range by a police instructor.

Our officers receive training on the importance of personal appearance, professionalism, verbal disarmament techniques, reasonable force concepts, probable cause, arrest powers, self-defense, report writing, fire prevention and reaction, firearms proficiency and safety. And that isn’t the end of the training process, because we don’t just meet the standards set by the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners, we exceed them! There’s still an extensive in-house orientation process ahead and plenty of on-the-job training to be done before we let the new recruit work a post alone. And every one of our officers is going to be retrained annually–you can count on it!

Quality Controls

Supervision is your assurance of quality performance. That's why we have supervisors and inspectors on duty at all times, and that's why we maintain a twenty-four hour dispatch desk with a three channel, two-way radio net, as well as a Verizon cell phone and push-to-talk network. Our full service around the clock dispatch office and multi-modality communication systems are expensive to operate, but we know that for maximum effectiveness, our officers need to be in touch with our dispatchers and supervisors at least once an hour, day and night. If we were a typical security company, we would have slashed costs a long time ago by eliminating these expenses, but we'll never do that, because post checks, hourly call-ins, and surprise inspections are a routine part of our service.

Uniform selection is an important part of security because the type of uniform you select says a lot about the duties your security staff will be expected to handle. At NOPP, we've taken the trouble to provide our staff with the best uniforms and equipment in the business. Unlike many security companies, our staff isn't required to purchase or rent uniforms, and our officers are re-outfitted with new uniforms every year.

We realize that security officers need protection from the elements. It's not just a matter of comfort, because proper clothing and equipment helps ensure better performance. That's why in addition to the basic uniform, we supply distinctive sweaters, bomber jackets, parkas, two and three piece raingear, gloves, baseball caps, safety helmets, and visor, trooper, and campaign hats. Maintaining an inventory like this isn't easy, but our officers appreciate the effort.

Here are our basic uniform options, and if you wish we can customize a uniform to suit your needs:

  • Class A full dress shirt and striped pants in winter and summer versions
  • Class A ceremonial (ascot or tie, visored cap, fourragère, white gloves)
  • Class B dress shirt with bloused BDU pants and boots
  • Class C field dress- polo shirt with bloused BDU pants and boots
  • Class D dress blazer with badge