In today’s world of rising crime and juvenile delinquency, vehicle thefts are becoming more and more common. Nationwide, government statistics show that a car or truck is stolen every few seconds. At NOPP, we know that many of these vehicles aren’t stolen off the street—they’re swiped from car dealers and other businesses that rent, store, or transport vehicles. What may surprise you is just how these vehicles are lost. 


Let’s face it—cars are a prime target. Unlike most high value inventory, they’re ready to roll right off the premises. All you need to steal a car is a set of keys or the right tools and a moment or two alone.

Guarding vehicles is tough job with no allowance for mistakes. But we know that good dealership security means a lot more than simply putting a guard on your lot. Our experts will meet with you to inspect perimeter barriers, fences, gates, locks, and lighting. We’ll review problem areas and security procedures, including some very important points that other security contractors may miss:

  •  Key control. Most cars stolen from dealerships aren’t stolen by outsiders—there’s usually an inside connection. The fact is that most cars are stolen with keys. Maybe you’ve secured the first key in the new or used car key locker or computer, but is the second set locked up? And who’s got access to the key making machine?

  •  Perimeter barriers. Ever see what a car or truck can do to a chain link fence?  You may want to consider amore solid barrier. Ask us about continuous welded rails, "deadmen," and "tigerclaws." And don’t forget how easy it is for a good pair of bolt cutters to cut right through an ordinary padlock. Did you know there are locks that can’t be cut with bolt cutters? 

  •  Electronic security aids. We can help you evaluate key tracking computers, CCTV surveillance sys- tems, and inventory tracking systems.

  •  After-hours visitors. You may welcome visitors to look at your vehicles on the front lot after hours, but what about vehicle deliveries, night drops, wreckers, and those salesmen who are always switching out cars in the middle of the night?

  • Parts inventory. Stolen vehicles make the headlines, but you could be losing just as much of your profit in missing parts, paint, stereos, and tires. Who’s minding the shop? 
  • Staffing problems. Are your managers doing everything they can to screen applicants? How thoroughly are your managers handling background checks, previous employer references, and drug screens? 


Once you’ve decided to let NOPP provide your security, we’ve got to select a security staff that you can trust. Because we’ve been doing this kind of security for so long, we know what to look for when individually selecting each officer. Here’s where our reputation for thorough screening and training becomes important to you, because when one of our security officers finishes basic training, he’s still got a lot to learn about vehicle security. We’ll discuss subjects like:

  • Facility lockdown procedures
  • Nightly physical inventories
  • Reporting vehicle damage
  • Use of blocker vehicles
  • Janitorial access authorization
  • After  hours visitor surveillance
  • Wrecker and night drop check-in
  • Individual vehicle inspections 

We’ll also require your security staff to radio or call to our dispatch office at least once an hour, and supervisors will be making nightly checks to insure that your officers are awake and alert. We’ll be glad to include watchclocks and patrol tour equipment upon request.


We’ll handle the basics, but if you need something more we’ll be there. We can help with vehicle recovery, internal investigations, and personnel screening. And if you’re in the process of building a car dealership or vehicle storage facility, why not let one of our experts consult with your architect? 

For more information call (504) 525-7115 or FAX (504) 525-7132.

“Our prevention is your protection.” 

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