Financial service organizations present unique security problems. Our goal is to protect the people and assets located in your facility, and to make your customers feel secure as you service their financial needs. You require a dedicated and experienced security staff of regularly assigned security officers who look sharp, inspire confidence, and can act effectively in an emergency. In short, quality security isn’t an option at your facility, but a necessity.


The industry “average” security officer simply won’t do for your security needs. At NOPP, we understand this fact better than anyone—that’s why we specifically screen bank officer candidates for their honesty and integrity, and encourage pre-assignment interviews with bank security personnel and managers. We look for officers who can communicate courteously and effectively with the public. We also know how important site specific training is—that’s why we routinely conduct role-playing exercises and robbery scenarios with all bank security officers. After all, their reaction in an emergency is a crucial part of your protection, and we make sure that our officers are prepared for a measured response appropriate to the threat presented. There are no cowboys at NOPP! (Our apologies to the real cowboys.) 


Of course, we know that placing a security officer at your facility is just part of our job. You need a complete security program. That’s why NOPP features a comprehensive approach designed by professionals. We’ll start with a physical survey of all your offices and branches. Then we’ll meet with your security department to discuss problem areas and create a loss prevention program. We’ll discuss topics such as:

  •  Protection of employees and customers during regular operations
  •  Parking lot surveillance, escorts, and opening and closing procedures
  •  Regulation P compliance
  •  Spotting and handling employee theft or other suspicious behavior
  •  Liaison and coordination with armored car, courier, and ATM repair personnel  Liaison with bank personnel and managers
  •  Emergency reaction (robberies, bomb threats, fires, etc.)
  •  Liability and workers compensation considerations
  •  Uniform selection (field uniform or blazer) 



The little extras are never really so little. In fact, they can be quite important. At NOPP, we realize that bank security officials are very busy people. We can help with the details, such as:

  •  Polygraphs
  •  Investigations
  •  Drug screening
  •  Site surveys
  •  Background checks
  •  Counterfeit detection
  •  Public law enforcement liaison
  •  Check scam prevention and detection
  •   Inspection of alarm and surveillance equipment
  •   Security education programs and classes for bank personnel


With superior training and supervision, a rapid response supervisory staff, a quick replacement capability, and a locally based staff of experts, NOPP can make life a lot easier for bank security officials. This means fewer security problems to be handled, more time to devote elsewhere, and less risk exposure for your financial institution and customers.

Remember, NOPP has been providing security to banks, credit unions, thrifts, and other financial institutions for nearly eighty seven years. Our professionals have been involved at every level of bank security, from lobby guard to Regulation P compliance. No other company can offer you this level of expertise, along with the largest staff of security officers in metropolitan New Orleans! 

For more information call (504) 525-7115 or FAX (504) 525-7132.

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“Our prevention is your protection.”