Corporate Headquarters

Our ten thousand square foot corporate headquarters was completely renovated in 2009. Constructed in the early 20th century with solid brick exterior walls sixteen to twenty inches thick, this facility features steel and aluminum framed windows with wind resistant mesh or tempered glass, heavy gauge metal exterior doors, and a reinforced roof. A 24/7 dispatch room with multiple communication systems, administrative and executive offices, classrooms, testing rooms, supply and uniform storage areas, fitting rooms, housing facilities for up to fifty officers, are contained within, and thirteen parking spaces are located on-site. This facility is protected by the latest electronic technology, including a CCTV camera system, remote controlled perimeter gates, fire and alarm sensors, armored interior walls in restricted areas, and is capable of generating 144 kilowatts of electricity from three internal generators in the event of a power outage.


As we all know, each storm presents a unique threat. Depending on the direction of approach, storm travel speed, interior wind speed, tidal surge, and local conditions, a Category 2 storm can cause as much or more damage than a Category 3 or 4 storm. We realize that hurricane season is a nervous time for our customers and the Gulf Coast in general. We should anticipate during this heightened storm cycle that the central Gulf region can expect to be evacuated on average once or twice a year.


The short version of this complex plan is that thirty-six hours prior to the anticipated arrival of any major storm, NOPP/LPP senior management officials will contact our customers to discuss final security arrangements and emergency communications procedures during and immediately after the storm. By this point the decision will have been made whether to evacuate our administrative and non-essential personnel to our Baton Rouge offices, and our customers will be notified accordingly. 


Immediately upon the passing of the storm and situation permitting, NOPP/LPP plans to resume operations and return our field personnel from Baton Rouge and outlying areas when the first police, military, and utility company vehicles arrive on the streets. In the meantime all of our customers will be contacted as per your pre-arranged instructions, to re-establish communications, obtain a preliminary damage assessment, and re-evaluate your security needs in light of the current situation.