Major healthcare facilities operate around the clock. You can’t close every evening and there are no holidays or weekends off, so your medical staff, patients, and visitors need twenty-four hour protection. Doesn’t it make sense to use a security contractor that oper- ates around the clock? At NOPP, we’ve been protecting hospitals, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, and clinics since the 1930s, and we haven’t had a day off in over eighty seven years! 


For the security staff to be a “healthy” part of your team, we need to coordinate our efforts with yours. Before we begin service, we’ll meet with your security director to review your operations and identify potential threats and problem areas. Then we’ll draft a comprehensive set of post orders specific to your facility.

In healthcare security, the quality difference is in the details. There are problems specific to healthcare facilities which need to be addressed, sooner rather than later:

  • Daily security routine
  • Parking lot patrols
  • Evening, weekend, and holiday lockdown procedures
  • Positioning of security staff during shift changes
  • Visiting hours and visitor registration
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Central storage access
  • Authorization procedures for property removal
  • Handling of suspicious activity by employees
  • Dealing with problem patients
  • Restroom and meal breaks
  • Dietary department inventory and lockdown procedures
  • Internal communication between the medical and security staff 


Rising costs are a big concern to healthcare administrators. If you’re wondering whether contract security can reduce costs, consider this:

  •  No more worries about overtime
  •  No more worries about replacements
  •  No more worries about equipment and uniforms
  •  No more worries about training and certification
  •  No more worries about after-hours supervision and inspections
  •  No more worries about budgeting

And consider also that your time is valuable. Hospital security directors are busy people who usually don’t have the luxury of just worrying about security. Safety, risk management, liability claims, HAZ-MAT disposal, inventory protection,employee terminations, joint commission certification, and regulatory compliance may also be a part of your job. By letting NOPP handle the routine security details, you’re free to take care of more important things.

At NOPP, we realize the importance of providing you with a regular security staff. We know that a constant stream of new faces is a bad sign that your security department isn’t doing something right.

Our objective is to make your security staff proud to be part of your team. Security is our only business, so we take the time to review each officer’s individual performance at least once every three months. Deserving officers receive regular raises and promotions, and awards and bonuses are given fore specially meritorious conduct. The result is the lowest employee turn over in the industry! 


Healthcare facilities are busy places with lots of inventory to protect. If you suspect a problem with inventory shrinkage or missing equipment in the dietary department, pharmacy, central storage, or laundry, our in-house investigative facility, Gurvich Detective Agency, is available to help. The sad fact is that most hospitals do experience shrinkage—everything from wheelchairs, diagnostic kits, scrubs, to soap and even toilet paper.

These costs add up, more than you think! And even the best secured pharmacy doesn’t mean that drugs can’t be stolen from night trays. Our detectives and plain clothes operatives are ready to work with hospital management to reduce internal theft and increase profits. See our circular on “INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES.” 

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“Our prevention is your protection.”