Hotels and motels are busy places. Guests have high expectations of the hotel staff, and that includes security.

We won’t let you down. In fact, we can help in lots of ways:

  •  Control access / egress

  •  Maintain lobby surveillance

  •  Conduct floor patrols

  •  Staff dispatch desk

  •  Respond to complaints

  •  Control lost and found

  •  Staff special events

  •  Patrol parking areas

  •  Escort VIPs

  •  Monitor employee conduct

  •  Escort bank drops

  •  Secure doors and bays after hours

As a hotel security director, your time is valuable. You probably wear lots of other hats—safety, risk management, liability claims adjuster, inventory protection, employee terminations, lost and found, mailroom, etc. By letting NOPP handle the routine security details, you’re free to take care of more important things.


Your staff’s courtesy and appearance are a big part of your hotel’s image, and we know just how important image is in the hospitality industry. That’s why every NOPP security officer assigned to a hotel has to first graduate from “charm school.” He or she will learn the importance of good personal hygiene, courtesy, and military standards of dress, all in special classes conducted by our training staff. None of your guests will ever come within ten feet of one of our officers without receiving a polite greeting—we guarantee it!


Rising costs are a big concern to hotel administrators. If you’ve contracted security at your hotel before, then you already know about the advantages. However, if you’re considering converting an in-house security staff to contract security and aren’t sure about the costs, consult with one of our experts. We’ll give you a single hourly rate that makes your budgeting a lot easier:

  • No more worries about overtime
  • No more worries about replacements
  • No more worries about equipment and uniforms
  • No more worries about training and certification
  • No more worries about after-hours supervision and inspections

Maybe you’ve heard about problems that other hotel security directors have had with contract security companies, and those stories could well be true. But NOPP isn’t a cost driven security provider. We realize the importance of providing you with a regular security staff backed by a solid management team. We know that a constant stream of new faces is a bad sign that your security department isn’t doing something right.

Our objective is to make your security staff proud to be part of your team. Security is our only business, so we take the time to evaluate each officer’s performance every few months. We’re not stingy with raises, promotions, bonuses and merit awards. The result is the lowest employee turnover in the industry! And remember, you’re security staff will be an independent arm of hotel management. We won’t hesitate to report suspicious behavior by hotel employees.


Hotels are always hosting conventions and special events. You’re going to need extra manpower from time to time. Because we feature the largest staff of uniformed security officers in the area, this won’t be a problem for us. At NOPP, there’s no such thing as a “special event” officer who’s just been hired off the street for the purpose. All of the officers that we assign to patrol conventions, meetings, and special events are regulars, so they’ve already completed a comprehensive background check, passed a drug screen test, and been fully trained. Your risk manager and insurance underwriters will be glad to know that even your special event officers are fully licensed and certified by the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners.

For more information call (504) 525-7115 or FAX (504) 525-7132.


“Our prevention is your protection.” 

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