Whether your company manufactures spaceships or popsicle sticks, you’re going to need security. Because in today’s world, there are simply too many things that can go wrong at the work site. Sure, you know that security is needed to man the front gate and keep an eye on the parking lots, but what about industrial espionage, internal theft, safety hazards, and workplace violence? NOPP can help with the basics, but we can also make a difference in lots of other ways. If your current security contractor is just filling posts with new faces every week, hadn’t you better give us a call?


Long before we start service at your facility, our management representatives will meet with you to review all existing security procedures. Whether or not you’ve ever had a comprehensive set of post orders before, you soon will. Some fundamental questions need to be answered: 

  • Shift hours
  •  Manpower needs
  •  Chain of command
  •  Uniform style
  •  Use of armed or unarmed guards
  •  Phone handling procedures
  •  Access / egress control
  •  Alarm and CCTV monitoring
  •  Public address system
  •  Radio communications
  •  Fire and emergency evacuation
  •  HAZ-MAT disposal
  •  Medical emergencies
  •  After-hours patrol routine
  •  Property removal
  •  Daytime shipping and receiving
  •  After-hours delivery
  •  Parking and traffic control
  •  Elevator problems and emergencies
  •  Stairwell security
  •  Employee termination procedures
  •  Daily routine list
  •  Special events


We know that each individual is the basic building block of a team. So we individually train every officer assigned to a manufacturing facility to be polite and courteous to employees and visitors, but also to avoid fraternization to the point where enforcing work rules becomes impossible. Because we know that work rules and safety regulations have to be followed—or people can get hurt. That’s why our officers are trained in various psychological techniques used to enforce workplace rules, so they won’t get involved in escalating confrontations with your employees. And because we’re an independent agency that reports directly to management, we’ll reliably report work rule and safety violations committed by employees and contractors.

Morale is an important element of a good security program. Our human resources department regularly evaluates each officer’s work and personnel file. We reward superior performance with raises, bonuses, promotions, and recognition. Every officer is made to feel part of a team, and post supervisors and assistant post supervisors are given clear areas of authority and responsibility. The result is that our officers want to work at NOPP. That means high morale and low turnover—and a steady workforce for you! 


A manpower surge capability is a must for your security team. New plants, expanded facilities, strikes, emergencies, natural disasters — you can’t always plan ahead. Sooner or later, you’re going to need extra security. And if you’re current security contractor can’t even reliably fill your regular posts, how will it handle your additional manpower requirements? At NOPP, your site security team is backed by a four hundred strong staff of security officers, managers, experts, and detectives, all just minutes away. Please see our circular on “STRIKES & LABOR ACTIONS.” 

For more information call (504) 525-7115 or FAX (504) 525-7132.

“Our prevention is your protection.” 

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