Petro-chemical plants are never the safest of places, also today the petro-chemical industry is threatened by terrorists, industrial spies, and thieves. Add to that the increasing risk of major liability exposure and the cost of regulatory compliance, and that’s why your facility needs protection from a security company with over eighty seven years of experience in the business. 


We know that petro-chemical facilities have special needs. Safety awareness is not just a concept in the petro-chemical industry, but a way of life. Fire and HAZ-MAT training are nothing new for us. In fact, we’ve been dealing with hazardous chemicals since the 1930’s. Here are just a few of the many ways we can help:

  • Control access and egress from plant grounds and high security areas
  • Monitor surveillance equipment and operate communication centers
  • Patrol grounds and check equipment and gauges
  • Conduct internal investigations for management
  • Insure employee compliance with federal and state regulations
  • Assist in employee screening
  • Participate in emergency response training and evaluation
  • Develop safety awareness and accident prevention skills 


When a new petro-chemical customer chooses NOPP, our work is just beginning. Many weeks before our first shift starts, an NOPP management team will review all existing security materials and then meet with customer representatives to review security procedures. This may take some time, but the result can be surprising. Revised post orders will be presented to your representative for approval well in advance of the start date. We’ll assign a locally based senior officer as account executive (not just a branch manager!), and immediately start selecting your security team. Infact, we strongly encourage our customers to meet and approve the prospective post supervisor and other security staff before the assignment process is completed.

You can be assured that our security team will be ready on day one, but our ultimate goal is to provide you with a trained and experienced, long-service security staff at all times. With all the risks associated with petro-chemical facilities, you can’t afford high personnel turnover, poor communication skills, and low motivation on the part of your security officers. Unfortunately, these are precisely the problems which the average security company has never been able to solve.

At NOPP, eighty percent of our officers have been with us for a year or more, and our average customer has been using our services in excess of fourteen years! No other security company has our employee and customer loyalty. The reason is simple—our customers are pleased because we provide a steady workforce. Our human resources department regularly reviews every officers performance, and good performance is rewarded with raises, bonuses, and promotions. Every officer is made to feel part of a team, and post supervisors and assistant post supervisors are given clear areas of authority and responsibility. Our officers want to work at NOPP, and the result is a professional security staff with good morale and low turnover. This means fewer problems for us—and for you! 


Strikes and emergencies are a fact of life. At NOPP, we know that petro-chemical facilities sometimes need extra security, in a hurry! With the largest security staff in the metropolitan area, doesn’t it make sense to use NOPP? Unlike our national competitors, our officers and staff never need to be transported and housed at your expense, and they can be on the scene in minutes, not days! Unlike our local competitors, we have a four hundred officer field force to handle surge demands on short notice. We have the best public law enforcement connections in the business. And best of all, our strike / emergency management team, is always nearby to help. For more information, please see our flyer “STRIKES & LABOR ACTIONS.” 

For more information call (504) 525-7115 or FAX (504) 525-7132.

“Our prevention is your protection.” 

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