Quality Controls

Supervision is your assurance of quality performance. That's why we have supervisors and inspectors on duty at all times, and that's why we maintain a twenty-four hour dispatch desk with a three channel, two-way radio net, as well as a Verizon cell phone and push-to-talk network. Our full service around the clock dispatch office and multi-modality communication systems are expensive to operate, but we know that for maximum effectiveness, our officers need to be in touch with our dispatchers and supervisors at least once an hour, day and night. If we were a typical security company, we would have slashed costs a long time ago by eliminating these expenses, but we'll never do that, because post checks, hourly call-ins, and surprise inspections are a routine part of our service.

Uniform selection is an important part of security because the type of uniform you select says a lot about the duties your security staff will be expected to handle. At NOPP, we've taken the trouble to provide our staff with the best uniforms and equipment in the business. Unlike many security companies, our staff isn't required to purchase or rent uniforms, and our officers are re-outfitted with new uniforms every year.

We realize that security officers need protection from the elements. It's not just a matter of comfort, because proper clothing and equipment helps ensure better performance. That's why in addition to the basic uniform, we supply distinctive sweaters, bomber jackets, parkas, two and three piece raingear, gloves, baseball caps, safety helmets, and visor, trooper, and campaign hats. Maintaining an inventory like this isn't easy, but our officers appreciate the effort.

Here are our basic uniform options, and if you wish we can customize a uniform to suit your needs:

  • Class A full dress shirt and striped pants in winter and summer versions
  • Class A ceremonial (ascot or tie, visored cap, fourragère, white gloves)
  • Class B dress shirt with bloused BDU pants and boots
  • Class C field dress- polo shirt with bloused BDU pants and boots
  • Class D dress blazer with badge