Inventory shrinkage and liability claims can turn an otherwise profitable retail establishment into a nightmare for owners, employees, and customers. Fact is, stores in many neighborhoods and malls simply can’t operate without security. Yet few security companies are willing to handle retail establishments, and fewer still do it properly. The reason is that retail security really does present many unique problems and dangers for the security provider. If the wrong people are selected as retail security officers, your profitability won’t just be undermined by inventory shrink- age and liability claims, but consider also the high management costs, employee morale problems, store disruption, potential for injuries, and ultimately, higher insurance premiums. 


It takes a special kind of officer to handle retail security, and a special kind of security company. NOPP started the retail security business in the New Orleans area over three generations ago! There’s nothing new about shoplifting and employee theft, but claims for false arrest, defamation, and detention related injuries have greatly increased in the last few years. We’ve dealt with these problems successfully—that’s why we do more retail security business than our three largest competitors combined. Our average retail customer has been with us for over fourteen years. Now that’s proof of our long standing commitment to provide quality retail security services!

Only about ten percent of our officers are authorized to work retail accounts. These officers are selected for their integrity, experience, and composure under stress. Once selected, they receive intensive additional training specific to the retail security environment. 

After receiving firearms certification (if applicable), each retail security officer candidate is carefully instructed in small classes in the following subjects:

  • Retail security overview
  • Public relations
  • Verbal disarmament techniques
  • Shop lifting detection and prevention
  • Criminal statutes and ordinances
  • Arrest powers
  • Probable cause
  • Report writing
  • Self-defense
  • Internal theft response
  • Criminal prosecution follow-up
  • Interface with electronic alarms and CCTV

In addition to the security officers assigned to your stores, you’ll have the extra benefit of having an experienced staff of managers, dispatchers, and supervisors who are on duty twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Because surprise inspections are a routine part of our service, and so are frequent contact between our supervisors and your store managers. 

When the public goes shopping, no private security uniform is more respected and appreciated than ours. We want our security officers to be one of the reasons that your customers patronize your stores. Remember, our goal is to provide you with a regular staff of trained officers who know your stores and the needs of your management staff. That’s the retail security solution! 


As we’ve said, the security officer isn’t the only aspect of retail security. At NOPP, we feature a host of support services designed to reduce losses and increase profitability for our retail customers. Here are just a few areas where we can help:

  • Security surveys
  • Background checks
  • Drugscreening
  • Polygraphing
  • Security and safety seminars
  • Internal investigations and covert operatives
  • Field testing of security procedures
  • Assistance in designing electronic alarm and surveillance systems
  • By the way, NOPP also handles distribution and warehouse facilities for most of our retail customers. In fact, we protect more cubic feet of warehouse space than anybody in the metropolitan area! For more information, see our circular “WAREHOUSE, CARGO & MARINE SECURITY.” 

For more information call (504) 525-7115 or FAX (504) 525-7132.

“Our prevention is your protection.” 

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