Security wasn’t always a part of the educational scene, but then neither were drug dealers, vandals, car thieves, and worse. Your campus is used by hundreds or thousands of people every day, and you’re responsible for their safety from the first arrival until the last person departs. The fact is that security is a relatively new consideration for all but the larger colleges and universities, so you may want help when evaluating your security needs. Doesn’t it make sense to use the home team advantage? We’ve got the largest staff of uniformed security officers in the metropolitan area, four hundred strong! Our local experts are already familiar with your area of town and the campus. (We may even have one of your alumni on our staff.) Why not put our knowledge and expertise to work for you? That way your teachers can spend more time teaching and your coaches coaching—and we’ll be there, protecting. 


We know that parents want their children to get the best possible education, but they’re not going to select any school where their kids aren’t safe and secure. They’ll appreciate seeing a uniformed security officer on your campus, and so will your staff. The trick is to get the right kind of officer for this unique kind of job.

We realize that the industry average security guard may not be a good fit on your campus, so we’ll only assign officers that your teachers can rely upon and your students can trust. Every one of our officers who’s ever been assigned to an educational institution has been personally interviewed and selected by a human resources expert. We choose these individuals for their integrity, neatness, and ability to deal with kids and young adults. They’re tested for drug abuse twice as often, and their background checks go back twice as far as any other employee in our company. During the interview process we evaluate the psychological stability of every candidate for a security position at an educational facility. 


When evaluating your security needs and looking for a security provider, you might ask yourself what other company has enough experience in protecting educational facilities to even ask the right questions:

  • Visitor access and passes
  • Surveillance of campus perimeter
  • Lost and found control
  • Schoolyard monitoring
  • Student escort to/from buses
  • Campus radio communications
  • Locker room security
  • After hours vehicle escorts
  • Surveillance of maintenance staff
  • Handling of unauthorized visitors
  • Parking lot patrols
  • Special events calendar
  • Crossing guard procedure
  • Control of pick-up/drop-off traffic
  • Public law enforcement liaison
  • Dietary department inventory controls
  • Emergency reaction and evacuation procedures/active shooter response 

Our experts will review these issues with your representatives and we’ll devise a comprehensive security plan for your campus. Then we’ll begin selecting a security staff. You’re welcome to be part of this process, and we’ll arrange pre-assignment interviews with every officer candidate. We’ll begin site familiarization and training at least a week before our first shift begins, and yes, training is specifically tailored for the needs of an educational facility. We like to get our homework done long before school even starts! 

For more information call (504) 525-7115 or FAX (504) 525-7132.


“Our prevention is your protection.” 

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