Natural Disasters

Hurricane season starts in June, (actually, the danger really begins in April, when those severe weather fronts and tropical storms can drop a foot or more of water in a few hours – remember all those May floods?) NOPP/LPP’s eighty-plus year commitment to our customers is stronger than ever, and we intend to be there for those who have entrusted their security needs to us, no matter how bad the situation or conditions may become. While we think the likelihood of a direct hit by another Katrina-size storm is remote, as your security provider we have to be prepared for the worst. We want our customers to know that NOPP/LPP believes emergency preparedness is as much a part of our job as access control and patrol rounds. We have spent millions of dollars in equipment purchases - high water vehicles, field equipment and supplies, multi-modality communications, and rescue equipment, as well as storm hardened employee housing and the most up to date, storm proof headquarters center in the country. First let’s discuss our preparations and then we’ll highlight the basics of our plan of action: