Fleet of Vehicles

NOPP/LPP operates a fleet of several dozen vehicles based in southeast Louisiana.  This fleet consists entirely of SUV’s, Hummers, pick-up trucks, and specialized vehicles, all of which are capable of fording at least 14” of water and some of which are capable of fording twice that depth. Our trucks have been equipped with auxiliary fuel tanks, giving NOPP/LPP long term sustainability whether or not fuel is available locally.  Several “Gator” gas powered vehicles have been added to the fleet, giving us the additional ability to operate on partially blocked roadways and cleared pathways through devastated areas. Just in case local fuel supplies are unavailable, we maintain sufficient fuel reserves on site to get through the first crucial days after a natural disaster.


Most cellular phone services failed completely or severely deteriorated during and after Katrina, so NOPP/LPP now has several independent communications modalities. We use the Verizon cell phone system. Since Katrina, Verizon cell towers have been relocated where necessary and given longer running emergency power sources. NOPP/LPP also uses this company’s Direct Connect walkie-talkie and texting service. With the addition of VOIP and Wi-Fi Internet capability, NOPP/LPP can send and receive telephonic and text messages over the Internet. Our satellite phone system is set up to be activated whenever a hurricane is predicted to hit in or near southeast Louisiana within forty- eight hours, or in case of a major disaster involving loss or impairment of communications, or Homeland Security RED ALERT/MARSEC Level III declaration. Our customers and employees can also expect to receive information about NOPP/LPP from commercial radio broadcasts, as arrangements have been made to broadcast emergency messages with several radio stations.