We got our start on the Mississippi River over eighty seven years ago, and we're still the industry leader in warehouse, cargo and marine security. At this very moment we're protecting millions of square feet of warehouse space as well as container yards, storage facilities,  rail yards, truck yards, and marine vessels. And because we realize cargo security doesn't just involve security officers, our reputation for success has been hard earned by both our protective services divisions, and Louisiana Private Patrol Service, Inc as well as our in-house investigative facility,  Gurvich Detective Agency.


Not many security companies have much experience in our industry. Educating the security staff shouldn't be a part of your job, and it won't be when you choose us. We have by far the largest trained staff of experienced warehouse, cargo, and marine security officers of any security agency in the south Louisiana area. Experience is especially important on a crowded wharf or terminal, where ever the most innocent looking activity can actually be a theft in progress. No one else in the industry has the experience that we bring to bear on the event the most routine security measures. 

  • Visitor access and passes
  • Homeland Security & MTSA Regulatory Compliance
  • Gatehouse Check in / out procedures documentation
  • Alarm and CCTV
  • Detection of fraudulent bills of lading
  • Cargo shortage detection
  • Trailer control
  • Seal checks
  • Reefer checks and temperature documentation
  • Drayage and stevedoring procedure
  • Stowaway detection and detainment
  • Vessel docking / departure procedures


We can help protect your property and cargo in many ways.  Why not let a representative of Gurvich Detective Agency help you:

●     Design & implement an MTSA facility security plan

●     Assist in establishing safety and training programs

●     Determine property loss and inventory shrinkage

●     Investigate current shipping and receiving procedures

●     Check for inventory manipulation, insurance fraud, document forgery, and smuggling

●     Establish narcotic detection and interdiction programs

●     Screen job applicants

●   Conduct undercover investigations


Cargo storage facilities frequently need extra security on short notice (ship visits, high risk cargo, military requirements, etc.). With the largest security staff in the metropolitan area, we have the experienced manpower and management capability to handle your surge requirements. You can call us anytime—help is usually only minutes away!

For more information call (504) 525-7115 or FAX (504) 525-7132.

“Our prevention is your protection.” 

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